Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jonathan Kellerman's background

Born to a poor Brooklyn family in 1892, Jonathan Kellerman achieved the highest education that his family could afford. When only fifteen, he went to wake his mother and found her cold dead body surrounded by a puddle of water. Not having the money (or the influence with local officials) for a proper autopsy, the cause of death was classified as unknown and she was buried in Potters Field.

Jon was forced to quit school and get any job he could which just happened to be selling newspapers. While working the street Jonathan began to get a fascination with the paranormal and the occult through science fiction magazines of the day. He also got very friendly with the local reporter and decided that with all his heart this is what he wanted to do with for the rest of his life. In his spare time he studied different languages as well as occult topics, and while at work he continually impressed the editors of his Paper with his go-get-em attitude.

Jon is now at the top of his game but something keeps him awake at night, the idea that something unnatural may have taken his Mother all those years ago. In his dreams he sees terrible things that instantly get washed from memory upon awakening. All he knows is that he is being pushed to learn Indian culture for a trek that his mind and soul is pushing him on. Maybe he will learn about his mothers fate, or maybe it will claim him as well.

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