Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Part I - The Agamemnon (1)

The mix of characters, from their varied walks of life, begin the game aboard the steamship, The Agamemnon. The Agamemnon is a vessel in the service of the East India Trading Company, and they are bound for Calcutta, India. They are currently in the Indian Ocean, just a few short days from their destination.

The characters have each been plagued by bizarre dreams that defied definition, but each day they woke with a need to go to India. It wasn't until they each succumbed to that need that the dreams finally stopped. So they are on their way to India without the faintest clue as to why.

So far, the men have all had a quick meet & greet with each other. Several fellows are now about to play cards while Father Ben has a conversation with another passenger.

More to come soon.

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