Saturday, July 26, 2008

Part I - The Agamemnon (2)

The characters have all met each other, and have discussed the strange dreams that have put them on the road to India together.

Some of the guys joined a few other guys in a game of poker. The characters who played poker ended out doing pretty well.

Fr. Ben met with another passenger aboard the ship who has also had the strange dream.

Gordon's attention was drawn to Cargo Hold #2. What is in there?

After the evening meal, another poker game was going to start, but the characters ducked out of the game, and have decided to try and sneak into Cargo Hold #2 to see what is in there. The man that Fr. Ben met, Adam Fuller, also ducked out of the poker game, but he went to his bunk to chill-out.

The characters are now trying to get into the cargo hold, but the rusty old hatch door broke off in Solomon's hand, causing a huge noise!

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