Sunday, July 6, 2008

Solomon Sage's background

Solomon Sage is one of the best private investigators in Boston. He's an old fashioned tough guy who would rather use violence to get answers. That said, he knows when reasonable words will do better. He lives to fight crime and solve mysteries. He started out his law enforcement career as a beat cop and quickly worked his way up the ranks to become a police detective.

But his dream was always to go into business for himself. He just never liked all the paperwork he had to do for the police department. Five years ago he set up shop, hired a secretary and quickly built a strong reputation. Solomon Sage likes to smoke cigars and he always has a flask of whiskey on hand. He is also a notorious womanizer. But he has a soft spot in his heart for his secretary, Betty.

Sage still has strong connections in the law enforcement community. In fact, he is their go to guy for cases they just can't handle. He gets the job done by any means necessary and he never gives up on a case. He has seen some strange things in his career but still remains skeptical of the supernatural. Only thing is, some things have been happening lately that are making him doubt his firmly held disbelief in the paranormal. Missing persons cases that just make no sense. Murder investigations surrounding a body with wounds no human could have made. And then there are those strange dreams about India. He has never been to India in his life nor has he never wanted to. But something about those dreams just give him that old excitement to investigate a mystery.

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